Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #4

My goodness how time flies these days. I am surely not the only one to think this, right?  Even worse the older I get, though that could just be because Adulting is so much busier than I expected.

This week has been really hard. Like, unbelievably hard. However, I have tried to take hold of the wonderful in the midst of all that so that I have a few snippets for you lovely lot.

☆ The satisfaction of hard graft. Now, this one might make me seem a little arrogant, or something, but I worked my little socks off in my Mum's garden on Saturday, moving a bit pile of old slate chippings from the front of the house to the top of the back garden (= A Long Way) then repairing some damaged wooden border edging and replacing in the front border (we had some unfortunate criminal damage a couple of weeks back - don't get me started on that; very in-wonderful). I managed to hammer my finger and mallet my hand but despite the pain and bruising, Getting Stuff Done was such a wonderful feeling. I'm sure you know what I mean, on a completely "not blowing my own trumpet" kind of way?

☆ Family. My brother was here for a few days and along with my Mum, we spent some quality time with my Uncle and his eldest son in particular. My Dad and my Uncle were born just before or during WW2 and for various reasons went to different schools and had quite different lives so we have never been very close with each other's side of the family. It is sad to think that it takes a sad event to bring you back together, but, chatting and reminiscing about the last 75 years (only 33 of which I've been around) was a wonderful tonic.  

☆ Hiding from the rain. Just look at this photo of the sneaky robin hiding under the wheel arch of my car. He was such a little poser to the camera but oh-so-cute. I'd not long got home and it was raining, so he was taking shelter there with the warmth from the engine.

☆ Autumn sunsets. It's that time of year where if we're lucky with a dry sunny day, there is a beautiful sunset to be found. Reds, oranges and even pinks/purples to go perfectly well with the changing leaves. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we don't get too many grey dreary days this autumn.

☆ Pancakes. These make the perfect lazy Sunday morning. Made with a hint of syrup in the mixture then they can still be dressed however you like them - traditional sugar and lemon, bit of maple syrup, or even some fresh fruit or jam... so much choice from such a simple thing as pancakes! (Also great to be made with your favourite person.)

So that's some of the wonderful of my week. For far more Wonderful Wednesdayness, check out the fabulous blogs of Cat and Sally and all their friends... #WonderfulWednesday

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #3: Bittersweet

As I vowed to do last week, it is now Tuesday evening as I write this post. Yay me.

While this blog is all about the Wonderful, I am afraid it is heavy with sadness this week. I cannot escape it as today I lost a very, very, dear person in my life who will be forever carved into my heart. As I spend the next few hours, days, weeks, months, years mourning but also remembering all the wonderful times I had with this person, I must keep focused on the now and repeat to myself that all is not lost.

This week is also bittersweet, as the title suggests, because on the same day as I lost this person, I celebrated an anniversary of having found the man I hope to spend the rest of my life with. All of the wonderful this week could easily about him and our celebrations, but I have tried hard to pinpoint the other things.

So, on with the wonderful.

☆ Laughter. There really is nothing better than a good hearty laugh until your eyes water. I went to the Comedy Store with The Boy as part of our celebration and it did not disappoint. I have been there before and a similar comedy club, but he has never been. I have seen acts who barely raised a snigger from me, but each of the acts we saw on Saturday night - in their own ways - were laugh out loud funny.

☆ People watching. Like that scene out of Love Actually, where you see clips of people greeting loved ones at the airport, The Boy and I spent about an hour at London Victoria on Sunday morning, while waiting for a train home, watching people. There was a ruckus by the gates which was very exciting, and there were plenty of people with questionable taste in clothing (who am I to judge?), plus a very nervous looking dog with owner to highlight a few.

☆ Human beings. I think there is a lot wrong in the world right now, but I have seen so much kindness in the last 24 hours from those close and those whom I have barely spoken to more than once that it helps me keep the faith that all is not lost for us.

☆ The Boy. Because, well, he is wonderful.

I am sorry for the tone of this week's post; it's not quite what it should be. I contemplated not posting at all, but I wanted to write something, even if it is not quite fulfilling the brief. I hope you have all found the wonderful this week and if not, well, that's OK too.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #2

Here we are again, hump day!

I'm making a note to myself in my bullet journal (eh, Catherine?!) that I must try and do this on a Tuesday night. Week 2 and I'm in my lunch hour trying to get it done so that it can be read on the day it is intended for.

These are a few of the highlights of my week that I'd otherwise take for granted...

☆ Mischievous babies. I went to a 5 year-old's birthday party at the weekend, which is usually enough to give me a headache for the rest of the day. However, a highlight was catching sight of a Daddy attempting to keep control his 6-month-old. This lickle munchkin, with big blue eyes and an even bigger toothless grin, kept me giggling as he made various escape attempts, risking life and limb by crawling at warp speed under the tramping feet of a herd of 5 year-olds on the dancefloor...

☆ Autumn walks in the countryside. I used to live in Uxbridge and the best thing about that was escaping merely 3 miles away from London to find big expanses of woodland and countryside. However, it still couldn't beat the "true" countryside of home - that is, Kent. Went to Trosley Country Park for a Sunday afternoon stroll and it was just so lovely. The views were stunning even though we did get ourselves lost following unmaintained public footpaths.... Here's a couple of pictures I took:


☆ Clean sheets and pyjamas. Another thing I did at the weekend was buy a new set of bedding. I didn't really need any, I just felt like buying some as mine are a few years old now. On Monday after work I rushed home to wash and tumble them then - yes - iron them (a one-off, first-time use thing - I'm not that organised!) and created my new look bed. Shower, clean pyjamas and I'm a happy little sleeper!

☆ Not to mention the hot water bottle... Yep, added to the fresh sheets was my hot water bottle. I know we aren't into proper winter yet, but there's nothing quite like being cosy. When you're used to spending half the time with a human hot water bottle in bed, it's nice to make up for it on those nights he is absent!

☆ Bloggin'.  I am very much a novice of this writing blogs malarkey. I've only ever really done it for work and each one takes hours - crazy - for fear of getting the law wrong or something horrendous like that. I found myself this week noting down the little highlights for using in this blog and it helps spread the joy through the week. It's fun... but I could do with a little help. How do I make my blog look as Wonderful as Wednesdays??? I've got a background picture so far...

So that's a little insight into my week. Well, OK, mainly my weekend, but still - that's where the joy lives.

How about yours?

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Is it Wonderful Wednesday?

I don't know if anyone remembers the #100happydays trend? I did that with photos on Instagram in 2014 and I found it really helpful to pinpoint at least 1 thing that made me smile each day.

Recently, I have noticed my lovely friend Catherine, of Happygoluckycat fame, has been blogging about Wonderful Wednesdays every week. It appears to have a similar idea behind it - to appreciate the small things in each week that she is thankful for.

2016 has been a year to forget for me in many ways but it is also the year I have fallen in love with the man I would rather like to grow old with. This in itself is something I am thankful for. In moments of deepest darkest despair, I have him  there to hold my hand.

Spoiler alert: That despair is not yet over and is in fact static, flying low over my head, waiting to come crushing down at some stage in my future. Dramatic, right?

So anyway, I am going to try and find things to be thankful for as a reference point for My Self, to help keep my head up above the waves. That way, I can also protect the relationship that I hold most dear by not using it as a constant crutch (even though it's totally allowed at times).

☆  Bill's breakfasts. Met The Boy on Saturday morning at my local Bill's restaurant for a cheeky breakfast - we don't spend Friday nights together as a rule, so it was a real treat. The coffee is great and the blueberry pancakes with banana, strawberries and maple syrup are beautiful. Breakfast is such a simple pleasure made so luxurious simply by not having to cook it oneself...

☆  Getting dolled up for a giggle and catch up with the best of friends. One of my dearest friends from school spent some time in Peru in 2013 where she met her now husband, who is in fact Peruvian. She has been back in the UK for many months now working on their case for him to be given a visa. A very difficult process meant that he was finally welcomed here a week and a half ago and a party was thrown at the Blues Kitchen in Camden in celebration. Lovely to have finally met him in such a relaxed way over drinks and blues (if somewhat intimidating for him!)...

☆  ...Also wonderful to parade The Boy out with friends who haven't met him yet...!!

☆  Pilates. Having been nursing some foot trouble for a while I've had a few weeks off from Pilates. I returned last night and despite the cracks in my joints and aches and pains waking up this morning it just felt so good to be back. It's fantastic for everyone to do, to build and maintain core strength to protect your spine if nothing else. I started doing it due to back pain a few years ago and I really notice the difference when I have a break from it.

I think that's probably enough for this week, I'm struggling really to find anything more exciting than that. I know what you're thinking - the fun never stops! ;)