Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Is it Wonderful Wednesday?

I don't know if anyone remembers the #100happydays trend? I did that with photos on Instagram in 2014 and I found it really helpful to pinpoint at least 1 thing that made me smile each day.

Recently, I have noticed my lovely friend Catherine, of Happygoluckycat fame, has been blogging about Wonderful Wednesdays every week. It appears to have a similar idea behind it - to appreciate the small things in each week that she is thankful for.

2016 has been a year to forget for me in many ways but it is also the year I have fallen in love with the man I would rather like to grow old with. This in itself is something I am thankful for. In moments of deepest darkest despair, I have him  there to hold my hand.

Spoiler alert: That despair is not yet over and is in fact static, flying low over my head, waiting to come crushing down at some stage in my future. Dramatic, right?

So anyway, I am going to try and find things to be thankful for as a reference point for My Self, to help keep my head up above the waves. That way, I can also protect the relationship that I hold most dear by not using it as a constant crutch (even though it's totally allowed at times).

☆  Bill's breakfasts. Met The Boy on Saturday morning at my local Bill's restaurant for a cheeky breakfast - we don't spend Friday nights together as a rule, so it was a real treat. The coffee is great and the blueberry pancakes with banana, strawberries and maple syrup are beautiful. Breakfast is such a simple pleasure made so luxurious simply by not having to cook it oneself...

☆  Getting dolled up for a giggle and catch up with the best of friends. One of my dearest friends from school spent some time in Peru in 2013 where she met her now husband, who is in fact Peruvian. She has been back in the UK for many months now working on their case for him to be given a visa. A very difficult process meant that he was finally welcomed here a week and a half ago and a party was thrown at the Blues Kitchen in Camden in celebration. Lovely to have finally met him in such a relaxed way over drinks and blues (if somewhat intimidating for him!)...

☆  ...Also wonderful to parade The Boy out with friends who haven't met him yet...!!

☆  Pilates. Having been nursing some foot trouble for a while I've had a few weeks off from Pilates. I returned last night and despite the cracks in my joints and aches and pains waking up this morning it just felt so good to be back. It's fantastic for everyone to do, to build and maintain core strength to protect your spine if nothing else. I started doing it due to back pain a few years ago and I really notice the difference when I have a break from it.

I think that's probably enough for this week, I'm struggling really to find anything more exciting than that. I know what you're thinking - the fun never stops! ;)

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  1. SO pleased to see you've decided to join in! It's not always easy to find the happy gems but it definitely helps to be forced to look for them :) You've got me craving pancakes now too...always a good thing!

    Heaps o' hugs and see you soon! C x