Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #4

My goodness how time flies these days. I am surely not the only one to think this, right?  Even worse the older I get, though that could just be because Adulting is so much busier than I expected.

This week has been really hard. Like, unbelievably hard. However, I have tried to take hold of the wonderful in the midst of all that so that I have a few snippets for you lovely lot.

☆ The satisfaction of hard graft. Now, this one might make me seem a little arrogant, or something, but I worked my little socks off in my Mum's garden on Saturday, moving a bit pile of old slate chippings from the front of the house to the top of the back garden (= A Long Way) then repairing some damaged wooden border edging and replacing in the front border (we had some unfortunate criminal damage a couple of weeks back - don't get me started on that; very in-wonderful). I managed to hammer my finger and mallet my hand but despite the pain and bruising, Getting Stuff Done was such a wonderful feeling. I'm sure you know what I mean, on a completely "not blowing my own trumpet" kind of way?

☆ Family. My brother was here for a few days and along with my Mum, we spent some quality time with my Uncle and his eldest son in particular. My Dad and my Uncle were born just before or during WW2 and for various reasons went to different schools and had quite different lives so we have never been very close with each other's side of the family. It is sad to think that it takes a sad event to bring you back together, but, chatting and reminiscing about the last 75 years (only 33 of which I've been around) was a wonderful tonic.  

☆ Hiding from the rain. Just look at this photo of the sneaky robin hiding under the wheel arch of my car. He was such a little poser to the camera but oh-so-cute. I'd not long got home and it was raining, so he was taking shelter there with the warmth from the engine.

☆ Autumn sunsets. It's that time of year where if we're lucky with a dry sunny day, there is a beautiful sunset to be found. Reds, oranges and even pinks/purples to go perfectly well with the changing leaves. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we don't get too many grey dreary days this autumn.

☆ Pancakes. These make the perfect lazy Sunday morning. Made with a hint of syrup in the mixture then they can still be dressed however you like them - traditional sugar and lemon, bit of maple syrup, or even some fresh fruit or jam... so much choice from such a simple thing as pancakes! (Also great to be made with your favourite person.)

So that's some of the wonderful of my week. For far more Wonderful Wednesdayness, check out the fabulous blogs of Cat and Sally and all their friends... #WonderfulWednesday

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