Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #9

Well hello there, on this Wonderful Wednesday morning.

It is a particularly Wonderful one today, too, despite it being dark and dreary, as I finish work at lunchtime today for a whole 2 weeks off! It's not even that kind of break where you wonder what might be happening on your files and what other people are doing on them, as the whole office is fully closed and locked up until the New Year! 

I remember when I started this job just over a year ago and I felt that the annual leave entitlement was a little bit stingy... but then I discovered we get a full 2 week break at Christmas without needing to hold back any leave. That's not too shabby is it?

So... without further ado, on with the Wonderful!

✩ Tiny dancers. I had a whistle-stop tour down to the South Coast on Saturday to visit my oldest friend and her 5 year-old. It was the day of her dance exams, so most of the time was spent sitting waiting, but it did take me back to my youf when I was - I know this may surprise some of you - a very elegant little ballerina. She does ballet, tap and acro (I think that's acrobatic dance, but haven't the heart to ask - you know, they talk about it like everyone knows what it is so you feel silly for not knowing) and she got a little trophy after each one and was awarded honours in all 3. The cutest!

✩ Prosecco and Chinese takeaway.  An interesting combination, no? It was more the surprise element of it, to be honest, with the romantic candles and plastic cutlery, that did it for me. The Boy was back at the weekend briefly to finish cleaning up his house and we spent Saturday night sleeping on my inflatable mattress in his (now old) bedroom. I zipped back from the Coast, met him at a local country club where he was seeing a friend for a goodbye drink, then we got back to the house and he surprised me with the Last Supper.

✩ My own bed. I do miss the Boy now that he's gone, of course, but there was that little bit of me that was excited about getting back into my own bed.

That's about all I've got this week, I'm afraid. It's flown by again and I didn't prepare in advance like I usually do! Share with me your Wonderful...

This is my last post until 2017 now, because I'm off busying myself with the festivities here, there and everywhere, and I want to concentrate on sending off a most unforgiving year and making sure it ends on a relative high... Have absolutely fabulous Christmases and New Years', you lovely lot!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #8

It's that time of the week again, hump day. After lunchtime it will be all downhill to the weekend. (Although I confess I am writing this on Tuesday while eating my breakfast - it's the only time I've got to do it!)

It's been such a busy week this week that I can't quite believe we're here again. My weekend was spent packing up my things and moving out of The Boy's house back to the Mum's house and helping him pack up his house. Who knew after 2 years of living in a place you'd have so much stuff to take to the tip? That's him, not me, btw...

Anyway, it's another sad time for me in the most saddest of years, so I must hold on to the littlest sparkles of Wonderful. Let's do this...

☆ That sky I know other's have mentioned the wonderfulness of wintery skies, but I had time to notice, contemplate and drink in the lovely colours out of the living room windows. I'll miss living in the true countryside as opposed to just about on the edge of it. That said, when I come to join The Boy in Cornwall I'm sure there will be plenty of beauty to look at.

☆ Bucks Fizz I was given a bottle of champagne when I left my last job in October 2015. It had been in The Boy's fridge since Christmas as we planned to drink it on New Year's Eve, but we didn't get around to it. As I was packing I came across it and the label says it could be kept in a cellar for up to a year. So, there was nothing else for it but to drink it on Sunday evening mixed with orange juice, marvelling in the delights of bucks fizz. Is it an 80s thing or is it still a thing now?! I may revive it in my household, but not with actual champagne though!

☆ Making presents In a waft of sadness, I had a lightbulb moment on Sunday evening. I would make up a lickle photo of The Boy and I for us each in identical frames to keep by our bedsides, for those nights that we are apart. A bit sickly sweet, but I quickly ordered 2 prints of a favourite photo of us together, which I collected on Monday and bought a couple of little frames. I presented them in the evening and they went down a treat. I think it's that kind of gift that is sometimes so much nicer to give and to receive.

☆ The Beginning I know I'm dwelling quite a lot on The Boy's moving this week, but frankly it's a bloody big deal. I've had a tough year and he's been the most amazing rock to me, and now I'm losing him. Sort of. It's that "sort of" that I must focus on, and see it as the beginning of a new adventure. Once the dust settles, we'll be saving money to buy our very own house down where he's moving to and I will need to start job hunting. Making that big a move and for me working in a turbulent sector means that I can reassess my whole career. I can try diversifying and doing something completely new (if someone would employ me...).  On the one hand this new beginning is sad, but it's also a teeny little bit exciting.

☆ Creamy strawberry yoghurt One last random one for me now. Given that I was eating my breakfast as I was writing this, I thought I'd add that a lovely yummy scrummy creamy strawberry yoghurt really goes down a treat in my tum.

I think that's enough for this week. Breakfast is over and it's time to crack on with the day. The Boy's removals van has turned up a day early so I'm just glad I'm not in his shoes this morning with a house to pack up that's not ready! Eek!

See you next week!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #7

Hello my lovelies, it's been a few weeks of doom and gloom in my lickle world, so I've not felt like posting. In fact I'd considered stopping the blog completely. Still doomy and gloomy, but I realised that trying to find some Wonderful could help left the spirits.

2016 has not been my year and I am on a countdown to 2017 when I'm hoping I can turn the corner, with some exciting changes afoot. Hoping it will bring plenty of Wonderful to my Wednesdays. For the moment, though, here's just a few snippets from some glimmers I have seen of late...

On with the Wonderful!

☆ Christmas tree  Yep, the obligatory Christmas tree excitement. I helped my Mum with hers on Sunday, while raising a glass to the Dear One we lost recently, on his birthday no less. Christmas can help sooth many a wounded spirit. It helped put a smile on my Mum's face, so my work there was a success..

☆ Home gym I "inherited" a cross-trainer from a friend some months ago, which has been languishing in The Boy's spare room. It started out fairly well used, but then soon enough became a bit of a clothes horse. Now he's moving, I've got it back at my Mum's ready for me to move back in in a couple of weeks. I've dusted off my dumbbells and Pilates mat and created an exercise space that will leave me no excuse to get back my health and fitness in 2017.

☆ Catch ups with friends I have a lovely dear friend who I used to work with then lived with for a time, who has a strong accent (I know at least one of my followers will know who I mean) and she can talk for England. I mean that in a nice way. So it was lovely to catch up with her over dinner in the last few days. I updated her on my woes and she updated me on hers (so to speak). Hugs and red wine aplenty. 

☆ Trollied Since Only Fools and Horses disappeared from our screens, there's rarely been a British sitcom that I've found so appealing. That was until The Boy introduced me to Trollied. I finished watching all of them quite a few months ago but a new series came on a few weeks back. It's the kind of comedy that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, and isn't just silly slapstick. I really like it - it's a hidden gem!

☆ Fresh coffee Another item I inherited, from my Mum some years back this time, was a coffee machine. Quite a simple one, but it has become well-used at The Boy's house of late. Weekend mornings brewing a fresh pot of coffee - Bill's coffee in fact - has become a habit and I now can't seem to go without. I have always been a tea drinker through and through - so rare was it that coffee even passed my lips - but The Boy has shown me the merits of a lazy Sunday morning coffee.

☆ Making plans The Boy's move takes him 250 miles away from me and now that it's only a week away, it's making me increasingly sad. I actively encouraged him to make the move as long-term it will be best for him and all involved. However, it doesn't mean that I actually want him to go. I fully intend on following him down there, but the timing is all dependent on what I decide to do about my career and how easy it ends up actually getting a job, together with how long it takes for us to save to get a Real Live Mortgage. I love organising things, so planning all of this makes me happy, if a little bit apprehensive. In the meantime, we have been planning weekends I will go down there, weekends we will take away, and all the other little things we can do to ease the pain that distance will create.

I think that may be about it for now. My struggle to find those precious sparkles of Wonderful has been a success, methinks.  Do let me know yours and I can draw out the Wonderful for the rest of the week...

Until next time, my pretties...