Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #18

I'm so proud of myself this week. The bank holiday didn't catch me out! Here I am, on Tuesday evening, tapping out this Wonderful Wednesday post!

That's enough introduction from me, I shall give way to the real star of this show...!!

✩ Breakfast. I absolutely adore breakfast. During the week, I end up having the same old thing every day, but actually, after such an early start and a long commute, this week I've realised just how lovely that melon and Weetabix combo truly is (as well as coffee from my mini caffetiere which had a starring role in this post from a few weeks ago!). At the weekends, though, I do like to treat myself with something a bit more interesting... crumpets... scrambled eggs and smoked salmon... bacon and a healthy full English.... the possibilities are endless! What's your favourite breakfast?? Maybe I can take some inspiration from you lovely lot...

✩ Quiet time. Don't you think this comes at a premium these days? I certainly do. I noted this down at some point this week but now I can't remember where I was when I thought about it. Clearly, it was a very short period of quiet time!!  Anyway, it really is quite a wonderful thing to enjoy a bit of "me" time and quiet time... relaxing in a bath with plenty of bubbles and some lovely scented candles to light the room.  Mmm I need to make time for some more of that this week coming!

✩ Wildlife in the garden. Lately we've been visited by a fair bit of wildlife in our corner of the Kentish countryside (well, as much as you can get on the far edges of suburbia). It's so much lovelier than when I was in the middle of a town and all I was surrounded by, it seemed, were horrible old rats. Anyway, we had a big bushy-tailed fox that sadly didn't make it after sustaining a rather horrendous wound on its back. Then we had a baby woodpigeon that seemed to have fallen out of a tree, but it turned out it was all very normal behaviour of a pigeon learning to fly. This week, though, we've been joined by a very cute wild bunny-wabbit - probably taking control of the land now that Mr Fox has gone! On top of that, we've found ourselves the adoptive home of a racing pigeon. It's got that gorgeous turquoise-hue around its neck and is very stunning. Bit worried about him as he just wouldn't leave the garden. Reported him online and got the details of his owner - in Hull!!! Poor thing, no idea how he came to be here. Anyway, he's still standing on sentry-duty outside our back door, perched on our hose reel. I feel very sad for him, because I suspect he's poorly and isn't able to make the flight home, but let's think positive thoughts and all will be well!

✩ Bank holidays. Specifically, ones where I can spend the whole of the weekend with the Boy... Even if it did involve a lot of work in my Mum's garden, as we were together while doing it! That extra little day really does make a difference, and the May Day bank holiday is one of the best, because it's never long after Easter and 3 weeks later and we get yet another!

✩ Second wind. The last thing I found Wonderful this week was experiencing that second wind while I was at work this afternoon. Do you ever get that? I was so tired and found it difficult this morning to be productive and keep up my concentration, then suddenly at about 3pm, wham! I ended up staying an extra hour as I was well in the zone and I felt pretty amazing after leaving the office, knowing I'd got a few extra things ticked off my never-ending to-do list!

And as if by magic... well, hardly, but you know... I'm done for another week! Please please tell me what's made your week Wonderful, send inspiration my way so that I can be sure to always have some Wonderful to share!! Toodles....

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #17

I would like to dedicate this week's Wonderful Wednesday to the lovely Sally, without who's little tweet, I'd have missed it for a second week running!!

So I made some notes ready to do last week's post, but thanks to all those Easter Bank Holidays, I confess that I forgot it was Tuesday when I got home from work and by Wednesday I was just too busy!  You'll forgive me for including twice as many Wonderful things this week!

Without further ado... let's get on with that Wonderful...

✩ Home cooking. I made a big batch of Bolognese last week, the first time cooking a proper dish rather than meat'n'veg or some-such mishmash of food. Can't beat it - home cooking, that is. Give me a full home cooked Sunday roast any day of the week (literally!)!

✩ The promise of fruit. I bought my Mum a dwarf pear tree a few years ago and it sits on her patio all year round. In the last few week's it's been blossoming, which will be followed by fruit. In fact, this week, there's actually a teeny tiny pear starting to form!! Can't wait for it to develop fully - it gives a good dozen pears each year... yum yum,

✩ Children's playtime. On Good Friday I met up with my dearest friend and her 5 year-old (with our respective other halves) and it was just so adorable watching her little one get all over-excited and just running and jumping everywhere! We were at a family fun park and she has very little fear so was going for all the rides without hesitation (except for the odd wobble just before going on, which we can forgive). Her parents love theme parks and have even gone abroad specifically for theme parks, so they have trained her well!

✩ Being natural. My hair is the funny sort of hair that sometimes has difficulty knowing if it wants to be straight or wavy. It's quite good to mix it up sometimes as I don't dye it so there's not a lot else to do to give it some variety. Since moving jobs to a different firm I've become quite lazy with my hair, meaning that more often than I ever used to, I decide to leave it to dry naturally and it doesn't always go well. However, I think my hairdresser has FINALLY created a layer pattern that works, so this last few times it's looked half decent and it feels so much better to just leave it to its own devices and not ruin it with product or heat.

✩ New things. Not very exciting in the scheme of things, but this week I've bought a new pair of running shoes and some new clothes for work. May seem boring, but it actually has given me a bit of a boost in both of those areas. I've made sure I set aside time to exercise again and I've put more effort in to getting ready in the mornings (see above too), despite the 5.20am alarm.

✩ Perfume. OK so it's kind of an extension of the last one, but for years I've worn the same perfume day in and day out. Even my "special occasion" perfume has been the same for years. For my birthday I was bought a few different perfumes and this week I've been wearing them a little bit in rotation. Makes me feel better to have a nice smell wafting around me!

✩ Salad. In all honesty, I think the salad is probably my least favourite lunchtime food. However, this week - somewhat stupidly given we've returned to Arctic conditions - I've broken out the salad box to take to work and been making up some lovely salads with spinach, beetroot, pickled onion and all kinds of other yummy goodness. I think for a limited time each year the salad is welcome and can't be beaten - seems that this week has been that time for me!

And I think I'm done for this week!  Bit of an odd collection this week of things that have been highlights for me; some from a while ago and some from right now. Let me know if anything strikes a chord with you!  See you next week lovelies...

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #16

Hello there you lovely lot! I think summer is over... our one day of glorious weather on Sunday may well be it for this year! Still, at least we had it and I got to spend it in the garden - with my suncream on, of course, now I'm praying to the sun Gods that it will be repeated this weekend!

Anyway, it's Tuesday night and it's late, so I'm going to speed-type my way through this - but that doesn't mean the wonderful is any less Wonderful!

✩ School holiday traffic. First-up this week is the absolute joy I get when the traffic is light on my journeys to and from work each day. I am stuck with an horrible commute by car into SE London every day as the train route is so convoluted (and expensive), but when the kiddliwinks are off school, the traffic is just so much better and I make it door to door in 1 hour 10 minutes - a record. Next week they go back to school, but that's next week and I will revel in this week's joy for as long as I have it!

✩ Summer in Spring. Yep, I've mentioned the glory of the wonderful weather we had on Sunday (That counts this week, right?!) but it went beyond just a lovely spring day, but full-blown summer!

Painted nails. When I had time in my life (see reference to God-awful commute, above), I would paint my toenails once a week and my fingernails every couple of days (I have yet to learn the trick to avoid them chipping). This habit has slipped somewhat, in that my toenails will remain the same colour for a good couple of weeks at a time and my fingernails - vulnerable to splitting and breaking down to the quick - will be plain and unpolished or with remains of a base coat I put on days before (*shudder*). However, this week I managed to give myself a mani-pedi (is that the right term?!) so am sporting a pretty salmon colour on my toes and a most inoffensive pale pink colour on my fingernails (the latter chipped already, but we'll brush over that for now).

πŸ’• Birthdays! πŸ’• This one deserves it's own little fanfare and needs no further explanation for it is the most Wonderful thing of all to be made to feel so special by all your favourite people!! 😊

And I am done! I end up all reflective around my birthday, so I've been thinking more this week about needing to start looking after myself more and I've found it's been hard to look at the little things! Does anyone else get like that at times other than New Year? What about your week anyway - how Wonderful has your week been so far??

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #15

Hello and merry Wednesday to one and all!

I'm typing this between mouthfuls of breakfast this morning, as I completely forgot about doing it last night until about 10:30pm and there was no way I was going to do it then. After having a 4-day weekend it felt very much like Sunday, not Tuesday. Thankfully, I'd been keeping track of the sparkles from my week so this morning it's easier than it might be...

Without further delay, on with the Wonderful!

✩ Eyebrow threading. One for the ladies, this.... There's something so satisfying about getting your eyebrows tidied up and waxing just doesn't cut it. Make-up sits so much better around an eye with a freshly-threaded eyebrow.  Up until this last week, I haven't had my eyebrows threaded for, oh, MONTHS. I can't find anywhere in my home town that offers eyebrow threading, so I'd had the odd tidy up with wax, but generally speaking I just left them alone and plucked them when they needed plucking. It's those little white downy hairs that you can't get from plucking - if you see one, all you have to do is turn your head to look for your tweezers and you simply can't flipping well see it again after that. Or that's my experience anyway.

✩ Ladybirds. I had one crawling along the windowsill of my office at the end of last week (does it count if it was last week?!) and I do think they are marvellous little creatures. So tidy and neat, with their wings all tucked up under those red and black spotty shell-like flaps of theirs.

✩ Mooching. Inspired by the ladybird, just mooching along my windowsill (where on earth did it end up anyway?!), made me think about mooching being a rather wonderful thing. Did that myself at the weekend and it is such a splendid pastime, no?!

✩ Making up and dressing up. The older I get, it seems I go out-out far less than I used to. I don't often have that many events with work or weddings, etc, nowadays, either.  However, at the weekend, I had the opportunity to get all dolled up for a wedding party (see later...) and it reminded me of how fun it is getting all made up for a shindig. Being complimented for it? Even better... 😏

✩ Family Weddings. (Especially when it's not your family but the other half's family.) The last family event I went to was a funeral, so it was great to have something happy to celebrate. The couple had got married quietly about 3 weeks before, with just 2 witnesses, but they threw a big party at their house with a marquee and a band. It was really good fun. PLUS, I got to see what some of the Boy's family are like when they're drunk... AND, I got some somewhat drunken compliments from some of them which I take as being 100% honest given their inebriated state, obvs.

✩ Long weekends. Last, but by no means least, it's the simple pleasure of a long weekend. a 4-day weekend in fact. Lie-ins to catch up on long-lost sleep, TV and coffee in bed with the Boy, visiting National Trust sites (Castle Drogo, near Exeter, to be precise - well worth a visit), aforementioned mooching and family weddings... simply Wonderful. A 3-day week at work this week, followed by 2 4-day weeks because of Easter, really can't complain at all!

And I'm just about done. Have to crack on with some work now... playing catch up from the days missed (the down-side to a Wonderful long-weekend...). Turrah for now!!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #14

Merry Wonderful Wednesday to one and all!

2 weeks in a row... I'm clearly on a roll. Struggling today, but here's a selection of Wonderful things from my week!

✰ Spaghetti Hoops.  I've been trying to lose weight since New Year and haven't been doing too badly, as it goes. My saviour lately has been Heinz Spaghetti Hoops. Smothered on a jacket potato with some spinach and cherry tomatoes on the side - lovely! Reminds me of my childhood and feels a little bit naughty, but totally On Plan on my diet (or Lifestyle/Healthy Eating Plan as the brand probably wants to be known!)

✰ Cadbury Mini Eggs. Yep, slight diversion from the healthy, but since it's *nearly* Easter, these little chocolatey eggy treats are appearing on shelves near supermarket tills the world over (OK, maybe just in SE London where I tend to shop). I'll admit I've had a couple of bags so far, but only when I'm feeling virtuous and have the discipline to have just one or two little eggs at a time...

✰ Heat. After our little spell of warm weather (or was that my imagination?) it's felt slightly odd for it to be super chilly again. Especially in the mornings now that it's dark again (I'm up at 5.30am) and cold. I really do appreciate the heaters in my car, which I now know well enough will start warming my feet up (can't bear having the fans blowing in my face) within 5 minutes from leaving the house.

✰ Eurotunnel. It's such a simple concept, really - build a tunnel underground and put a train in it. No, wait, make it a BIG train that can hold cars so you don't even need to transfer from one vehicle to another when you cross the border. However, what an incredible feat of engineering? I took a daytrip to Le Touquet in France for my Mum's birthday at the weekend and it's just an hour up the road to the terminal at Folkestone, a bit of a wait like at an airport, then a 35 minute train ride (sitting in your car) and topped off with just an hour south down the coast and you're there. A real town in French France no less - not just the big supermarkets in Calais!

✰ Sandy Beach. Also experienced in France at the weekend, Le Touquet has a gorgeous beach which I imagine is absolutely packed in the summer. Still, it was very windy when we were there, but it was lovely and warm when it died down wandering across the cream sand, watching kites flying and kite-surfers, well, kite-surfing. I think Camber Sands is my nearest sandy beach, maybe an hour or an hour and a half from home. Might just as well go to France...

✰ Morning Mist. Yes, it may well signify the change in temperature and weather in the mornings, but there's something lovely about driving through the countryside and seeing little pockets of mist hovering over the rolling fields, with the sunshine creating a lovely 3D kind of feel to it.

✰ Sleep. Indeed.... I don't think anyone will argue with that. I do mean that sort of gorgeous weekend or night-before-a-day-off type sleep, where you've got no alarm set and you can just REST. These days I'm lucky to get 6 hours sleep during the week (see 5.30am start above), and when you're an 8-hours minimum type of girl, it really does hurt after a while. It can be fun sometimes waking up having had a weird and wonderful dream - last night I dreamt about guinea pigs, one of my favourite things, but one in particular was blue and I was inexplicably cruel to it, but I digress - but the sort of sleep that is quiet, deep and uninterrupted, is just sort of magical.

And I am done! I have my Tuesday night dinner in the oven now so I must dash... but do let me know what has made your week so far!! See you next week...


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #13

*Sneaks a peak around the corner hoping no-one will notice how long she's been gone*

Hello to one and all!

I've been down in the dumps for far too long and have failed to see even the smallest glimmer of positivity to enable me to write a Wonderful Wednesday post for, oh, weeks now. This morning, I decided to snap out of it because, let's face it, there is SO MUCH to be positive about in the grand scheme of things. I mean, you only have to look at the news to see the struggle of so many - quite humbling, really. Or, it should be... *gives self a gentle slap on the wrist*

So without further hesitation, let's pretend the gap in my posts does not exist and I'll move on to telling you all about the Wonderful things of my week so far...

✰ Blossom on the trees... I know, I know, I'm a little late to this party. However, as I sit at my desk in my lickle office at work, I can now see pretty pink blossoms on 3 trees outside. Granted, I do have to lean forward a little to see them, but they are definitely there calling out to the world that spring is here, even if it is raining!

✰ Having a project. Now, I have far too many of these on the go at the moment, what with a mammoth job hunt in Cornwall as well as organising a hen party, my Mum's birthday and my own birthday, to name but a few... but there's something very satisfying about a real life, grown up project. I've started stripping the bathroom in my Mum's house ready for it to be overhauled. Now, this is a true 1970s bathroom - it's been the same ever since my parents moved in, in the late 1970s. No avocado suite, but a mint green one plus cork tiles on the 4 walls. Crikey o'reilly have you any idea how difficult it is to get cork tiles off of walls??!! I've done all kinds of damage to my already vulnerable shoulders but by goodness does it feel good to actually see what I'm achieving.

✰ Getting absorbed in a book. (Except for when you literally can't stop reading it even when you're supposed to be working!) I've just finished reading Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. No idea how I came about that one, actually. My lovely friend Catherine is always my go-to for advice on the best books to read and I tend to ask her for hot tips just before I go on holiday and things so that I can make sure my Kindle is fully stocked! My issue is that I don't really have a lot of time for the luxury of reading as I used to so holidays and other trips away tend to be key times. However, I started reading this one when I last flew to Exeter and once I got going, I found I couldn't stop! I was eating into work time and even sleep time before I got to the finish! Ah how I miss reading all the time!

✰ The Boy. I have to give credit to this realisation to our founding sister Sally who wrote about her Mr in today's #WonderfulWednesday post.  I agree COMPLETELY with her comments.  Had a slight misunderstanding of something he said to me over the weekend, when I thought for a moment he was putting a time limit on "us" if we were still living 250 miles apart by the end of the year, as I'm struggling to find a job down there... but turns out that wasn't it at all, just a "we'll have to think of some other way around it" type thing. Phew. My heart was in my mouth and tears weren't far away so it was a good little reminder - if one was even needed - of how much I can't bear to be without him (I'm never normally gushy... makes me feel icky normally, but hey, what is a #WonderfulWednesday if you can't be a little bit sickly?!)

✰ Things in Miniature Form. It was the international day of happiness on Monday and I marked it with a little photo of my new mini cafetiere that I bought over the weekend. It's my new favourite thing to have with breakfast in the mornings at work and has been making me happy since then.

And I think that's me done for this week! It feels nice to be back in the fold... do tell me what has been making your week wonderful this week?

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #12

Brrr isn't it cold today?! -6 degrees according to my car after I'd de-iced it this morning before setting off for work. My little South-Eastern corner seems to be getting the brunt of the bad weather lately - last week we got most of the snow which made a long journey home even longer on Thursday and now everywhere else in the country seems to be experiencing heady days of 8 or 9 degrees!

Anyway, I've had my breakfast in my office.... bit of deja vu here.... and now I have to quickly tap out this week's Wonderful Wednesday post before starting on my day. 6 piles of files (so probably about 30 files) in my to-do list today.... *gulp*... Anyhoo, on with the Wonderful!

✩ Post snow-apocolypse light over London. As I mentioned, it took me almost twice as long to get home on Thursday night as it normally does, as even though I left work at 4.30 to "beat" the weather, it came down in a blizzard just as I was trying to drive out of London. When I left home on Friday morning, the snow was all laid down so lovely and fresh and white, but the roads were just so icy. 30-miles later and I'm in London, without any snow in sight! Took this picky out of my office window as it had turned into a sparkly sunny day instead; just beautiful!

✩ Honey in porridge. Another of my lovely healthy wintry breakfasts includes the deliciousness that is porridge. However, in trying to cut back on the bad stuff, I'm trying to use less milk and more water, but that means I need something to sweeten it up a little. Not wanting to use sugar or anything artificial, I've been using banana with honey, or just some honey on its own. I loves it! However, I may be a little too liberal with my honey, so I think I need some handy suggestions for lovely healthy porridge toppings.... *nudge nudge* *wink wink*

✩ Flight to Exeter. My first trip to see the boy since New Year and for the first time ever I flew down from London City Airport. I have a permit to park my car so I could leave it at work for the weekend, and all it takes is 2 minutes on the DLR and I'm practically in the airport. Left a big vanity case of toiletries at his house last time I was there (knowing I'd be relying on cabin baggage only whenever I fly there) so I printed my boarding pass at work and was through security in no time! From desk to departures lounge in 30 minutes! The airport itself was full of Suits, as was my flight - it's definitely a Thing - people heading down to their family home for the weekend from the City lights. The flight itself was just under an hour and I was getting cuddles from the Boy by 6.30! Can you imagine if I'd driven down there.... *shudder* 

✩ Fine dining. It was a milestone birthday for the Boy on Saturday and I treated him to a night away in a posh hotel local to him with dinner in their restaurant. Canapes in the lounge followed by a 5-course taster menu with each course accompanied by a flight of wine chosen for the dish, then back in the lounge for coffee. Good Lord, was it good!! We were joking earlier in the day that we'd be heading out to McDonalds afterwards (not that there is one anywhere near him), but in fact we were so full that we couldn't even manage the little after-dinner chocolates given to us with the coffee! Now, I'm usually one that chooses good pub grub over fine dining any day, but seriously, I may be a convert!     (PS The Boy liked it - said it was the best birthday he'd ever had...)

✩ Pilates - proper Pilates. After over a year of searching, I've finally, FINALLY, found a Pilates class to compete with the one I first went to 5 years ago in West London where I used to live. I do it to ease the various aches and pains I have and I panicked when I moved back over Kent-side as I had no idea where to find such a class. Anyway, I started going to one that was a kind of pilates-yoga fusion type thing with a very eccentric instructor and to begin with it was helpful, but more in a "it's better than doing nothing" type thing. Over the course of the last few months, though, it's not been helping me at all. Anyway, cut a long story short I found one, which is much more than I am used to and I cannot recommend proper Pilates enough. There should be no Downward-facing Dog in Pilates - that's my biggest tip. Anyone who gets a niggle in their joints, hips or more importantly their back - do it. Do it now!

✩ Bath time. I had my first soak in the tub for months the other night. I had some awful stomach cramps (you know what I mean girls...) and it really did the trick. I used to have this routine where I'd clean my entire flat on a Friday night (if I'd stay for a couple of beers after work then THAT would be entertaining) and get all of my washing done then, no matter what time of night it was by then, I'd have a long soak in the tub before putting on clean PJs and climbing under fresh covers on the bed. OH it was lush. It was my favourite time of the week. Wonderful.

Think that's me done for this week, and now I must get on with my Day. Tell me what's made your week Wonderful and let's spread the joy! 

See you next week! 😊

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #11

I completely ran out of time to prepare this week's #WonderfulWednesday post, so I'm now preparing it while I eat my breakfast in my office at work. (No, I'm not on work time yet...)

It feels like it's been a long week. I was in the office for 3 days last week so doing a full-on 5-day week this week is hard. I think that's also why I'm finding it hard to locate the Wonderful in my week just gone... However, I've tried my best...

✩ Being cosy out of the rain. I may be wrong, but it doesn't feel like we've had much rain down here in the south east so far this Autumn/Winter. In the last week, though, there have been a few days when it's been chucking it down, so it's been a nice feeling to be holed up in a restaurant, in the shops or even just at home.

✩ New Year healthy yummy breakfasts. Since the Boy moved away, I've gone back to having a longer commute to work each day. It means I get to work stupidly early to avoid being stupidly late, so I have time to properly savour my breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy even with 2 Weetabix and some melon, but now I'm on a mission to lose a few pounds, I've tried to make it healthier but still satisfying. This brings me to my new favourite - poached eggs with spinach on toast! I have a microwave egg poacher, courtesy of M&S, which makes this even possible at work where there's just a microwave and a toaster.

✩ Winter healthy yummy lunches.  It's been out with the salads and in with the soups this week! I've had my slow-cooker going making some lovely soups to keep in the fridge for my week ahead. This week, it's been a chunky minestrone-type soup. I have a little miniature desktop slow-cooker at work (I know, right?!), which I've been putting my soup portion into each morning and by lunchtime there's a lovely waft of yummy in my office and it's ready. I know, I know, I could just as easily put it in the microwave, but when I know it's all cooked up and warm, it's impossible to be tempted by the treats in the M&S Foodhall next door when I'm starving hungry...

✩ Cooking for Mum. Very much following a food-based theme this week, aren't I?! Still, we should be hibernating, so it's no surprise that I'm thinking about food all the time. I made a tasty Thai green chicken curry for my Mum on Saturday night. My Dad was always one for meat'n'two-veg, so Mum rarely got the chance to try new foods and test her taste buds on anything too spicy. I made a fairly mild curry, but couldn't resist the chillies, so I had to put almost an extra can of coconut milk into it to dampen it down... oops... Mum did have to go and get a cup of milk from the fridge part-way through, but she did enjoy it so my work was done.

✩ Seeing the number on the scales drop. I'm hoping this will feature every week, but certainly that first week after trying your hardest to be good and you lose multiple pounds is a great boost. It'll be better when I see the overall number of stones drop down into the ones below, but still, it's been a good start.

✩ Our resilience. This one is a bit of an odd one for #WonderfulWednesday, I think. My office looks out over a pathway down to the River Thames and opposite me are some buildings as old as the one I work in. I have no idea what they do in it, but there's an elderly gentleman who I see going into and out of that building most days. I rarely see anyone else going in, actually. This man has some sort of head-drop syndrome, so his chin is permanently down to his chest and he cannot lift his head up. Depending on his condition, I suspect he has no pain, but it must be limiting in other ways - particularly just being able to look up and around himself every day. It makes me sad every time that I see him, yet I also smile inside for him as he keeps on going and it's a lovely example, in my mind, of our resilience. My sadness and sympathy may be quite misplaced - after all, he could well be perfectly fine just as he is, but in its own way it makes me think that when I'm having a struggle, I'm not the only one, and I can do it. I think it's that which is wonderful.

(I feel even sadder for him this morning as he's just arrived as I'm typing this and he can't get into the little door of the building. He's just standing outside it, facing the door with his back to the world. I want to run outside and give him a hug.... which if I did, he'd probably wonder what on earth I am doing...)

✩ Party planning. I have the honour of being a dear friend's bridesmaid later this year and so planning her hen party falls to me. This week I'm loving putting my plans together and despite some setbacks making it quite stressful at times, I really think she'll enjoy herself!

I had to finish up there with a light-hearted note. Not quite sure where that sixth bit of wonderful came from, but it was in my heart and I thought I'd share it. Anyway, it's now almost time to get on and start work, so off I pop and I'll see you next week!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #10

Starting 2017 with my tenth #WonderfulWednesday post, that's quite a nice round number!

My Christmas and New Year break was over in a flash and already it's time to get back to work.

I'm writing this on Tuesday, though, sitting on my bed at home nursing a cup of coffee, feeling a little sorry for myself. I know I've had more time off than some people, so it's not just because I'm going back to work tomorrow. I've started my job hunt and I knew it would be hard but I've already had my first rejection and it's impossible not to take it personally or think that I'm NEVER going to find a job to enable me to move to be with the Boy.

It's the perfect time, therefore, to focus on the Wonderful from my last 2 weeks...

✩ Setting the Out of Office. Nope, it can't be beaten, but especially when the message is that the whole office is closed for 2 weeks so there can be no expectation of me dipping into my emails in the meantime. I haven't checked them since setting the automatic reply... I won't even worry about what's there until I log back in at my desk!

✩ Turning off the alarm. You can sense a theme here, I'm sure, but not having to be woken up by an alarm at 5am for 2 weeks has been pretty amazing. It's going to be a horror when it goes off tomorrow morning, but for now I'll focus on the lovely lie-ins I've had and especially when it's also involved a yummy cup of tea in bed from the Boy in his new-but-temporary house.

✩ Mother-Daughter Relaxation Time. Now, I don't always have the best relationship with my Mum, in that we rub each other up the wrong way at times, but she is my Mum and the only one I'll ever have. 2016 was pretty damned awful for her and in some ways it affected her more than me, so it was great to enjoy a full-body massage with her followed by some champagne and chocolates, courtesy of my brother, in the run-up to Christmas.

✩ A quiet Christmas. It was just my Mum and I on Christmas Day and it was nice just us - no friction, just lots of food and drink. I think she enjoyed the day as well, despite the glaring absence of my dear old Dad who we lost 2 months before.

✩ All of the Christmas yums. I love cooking and am a big feeder so making Christmas dinner is a bit of a highlight of the year for me. Granted, it's quite stressful, but just making it for 2 of us this year meant that it was far easier than normal! When else would it be expected that you can eat so much food?!

Also, I just have to show off the wonderfulness of my homemade Christmas pudding....

✩ The seaside. I was lucky enough to while away a few hours in Trebarwith Strand with the Boy last week. Fortunately, we were holed up in a pub but with great views out over the beach to sea. It was so relaxing just sitting there watching the surfers in the water and the birds, as well as the ramblers and their excitable dogs on the opposite side of the cove. I think it might be my new favourite place!

✩ Spontaneity. My plans for New Years Eve changed quite late in the day, so I got to stay with the Boy that night and we didn't have anything set. We turned up unannounced to his cousin's house where we enjoyed a takeaway and some post-dinner games and it was the BEST night. Spontaneous nights are always the best, no?

✩ New starts. It is a new year and that is such a wonderful thing in itself. It's clichΓ©d but I find that it really does help close the door on all the bad stuff that's gone before and it makes me a little bit excited about what I can achieve in the next 12 months. There is so much to look forward to, I just have to go out and find it.


That's it for this week! Ending on a super wonderful note - we should all be looking forward to our year ahead, it can be only what we make it!

Hope you all had wonderful Christmasses and New Years - spread the wonderful and tell me all about them!