Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #10

Starting 2017 with my tenth #WonderfulWednesday post, that's quite a nice round number!

My Christmas and New Year break was over in a flash and already it's time to get back to work.

I'm writing this on Tuesday, though, sitting on my bed at home nursing a cup of coffee, feeling a little sorry for myself. I know I've had more time off than some people, so it's not just because I'm going back to work tomorrow. I've started my job hunt and I knew it would be hard but I've already had my first rejection and it's impossible not to take it personally or think that I'm NEVER going to find a job to enable me to move to be with the Boy.

It's the perfect time, therefore, to focus on the Wonderful from my last 2 weeks...

✩ Setting the Out of Office. Nope, it can't be beaten, but especially when the message is that the whole office is closed for 2 weeks so there can be no expectation of me dipping into my emails in the meantime. I haven't checked them since setting the automatic reply... I won't even worry about what's there until I log back in at my desk!

✩ Turning off the alarm. You can sense a theme here, I'm sure, but not having to be woken up by an alarm at 5am for 2 weeks has been pretty amazing. It's going to be a horror when it goes off tomorrow morning, but for now I'll focus on the lovely lie-ins I've had and especially when it's also involved a yummy cup of tea in bed from the Boy in his new-but-temporary house.

✩ Mother-Daughter Relaxation Time. Now, I don't always have the best relationship with my Mum, in that we rub each other up the wrong way at times, but she is my Mum and the only one I'll ever have. 2016 was pretty damned awful for her and in some ways it affected her more than me, so it was great to enjoy a full-body massage with her followed by some champagne and chocolates, courtesy of my brother, in the run-up to Christmas.

✩ A quiet Christmas. It was just my Mum and I on Christmas Day and it was nice just us - no friction, just lots of food and drink. I think she enjoyed the day as well, despite the glaring absence of my dear old Dad who we lost 2 months before.

✩ All of the Christmas yums. I love cooking and am a big feeder so making Christmas dinner is a bit of a highlight of the year for me. Granted, it's quite stressful, but just making it for 2 of us this year meant that it was far easier than normal! When else would it be expected that you can eat so much food?!

Also, I just have to show off the wonderfulness of my homemade Christmas pudding....

✩ The seaside. I was lucky enough to while away a few hours in Trebarwith Strand with the Boy last week. Fortunately, we were holed up in a pub but with great views out over the beach to sea. It was so relaxing just sitting there watching the surfers in the water and the birds, as well as the ramblers and their excitable dogs on the opposite side of the cove. I think it might be my new favourite place!

✩ Spontaneity. My plans for New Years Eve changed quite late in the day, so I got to stay with the Boy that night and we didn't have anything set. We turned up unannounced to his cousin's house where we enjoyed a takeaway and some post-dinner games and it was the BEST night. Spontaneous nights are always the best, no?

✩ New starts. It is a new year and that is such a wonderful thing in itself. It's clich√©d but I find that it really does help close the door on all the bad stuff that's gone before and it makes me a little bit excited about what I can achieve in the next 12 months. There is so much to look forward to, I just have to go out and find it.


That's it for this week! Ending on a super wonderful note - we should all be looking forward to our year ahead, it can be only what we make it!

Hope you all had wonderful Christmasses and New Years - spread the wonderful and tell me all about them!

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