Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #12

Brrr isn't it cold today?! -6 degrees according to my car after I'd de-iced it this morning before setting off for work. My little South-Eastern corner seems to be getting the brunt of the bad weather lately - last week we got most of the snow which made a long journey home even longer on Thursday and now everywhere else in the country seems to be experiencing heady days of 8 or 9 degrees!

Anyway, I've had my breakfast in my office.... bit of deja vu here.... and now I have to quickly tap out this week's Wonderful Wednesday post before starting on my day. 6 piles of files (so probably about 30 files) in my to-do list today.... *gulp*... Anyhoo, on with the Wonderful!

✩ Post snow-apocolypse light over London. As I mentioned, it took me almost twice as long to get home on Thursday night as it normally does, as even though I left work at 4.30 to "beat" the weather, it came down in a blizzard just as I was trying to drive out of London. When I left home on Friday morning, the snow was all laid down so lovely and fresh and white, but the roads were just so icy. 30-miles later and I'm in London, without any snow in sight! Took this picky out of my office window as it had turned into a sparkly sunny day instead; just beautiful!

✩ Honey in porridge. Another of my lovely healthy wintry breakfasts includes the deliciousness that is porridge. However, in trying to cut back on the bad stuff, I'm trying to use less milk and more water, but that means I need something to sweeten it up a little. Not wanting to use sugar or anything artificial, I've been using banana with honey, or just some honey on its own. I loves it! However, I may be a little too liberal with my honey, so I think I need some handy suggestions for lovely healthy porridge toppings.... *nudge nudge* *wink wink*

✩ Flight to Exeter. My first trip to see the boy since New Year and for the first time ever I flew down from London City Airport. I have a permit to park my car so I could leave it at work for the weekend, and all it takes is 2 minutes on the DLR and I'm practically in the airport. Left a big vanity case of toiletries at his house last time I was there (knowing I'd be relying on cabin baggage only whenever I fly there) so I printed my boarding pass at work and was through security in no time! From desk to departures lounge in 30 minutes! The airport itself was full of Suits, as was my flight - it's definitely a Thing - people heading down to their family home for the weekend from the City lights. The flight itself was just under an hour and I was getting cuddles from the Boy by 6.30! Can you imagine if I'd driven down there.... *shudder* 

✩ Fine dining. It was a milestone birthday for the Boy on Saturday and I treated him to a night away in a posh hotel local to him with dinner in their restaurant. Canapes in the lounge followed by a 5-course taster menu with each course accompanied by a flight of wine chosen for the dish, then back in the lounge for coffee. Good Lord, was it good!! We were joking earlier in the day that we'd be heading out to McDonalds afterwards (not that there is one anywhere near him), but in fact we were so full that we couldn't even manage the little after-dinner chocolates given to us with the coffee! Now, I'm usually one that chooses good pub grub over fine dining any day, but seriously, I may be a convert!     (PS The Boy liked it - said it was the best birthday he'd ever had...)

✩ Pilates - proper Pilates. After over a year of searching, I've finally, FINALLY, found a Pilates class to compete with the one I first went to 5 years ago in West London where I used to live. I do it to ease the various aches and pains I have and I panicked when I moved back over Kent-side as I had no idea where to find such a class. Anyway, I started going to one that was a kind of pilates-yoga fusion type thing with a very eccentric instructor and to begin with it was helpful, but more in a "it's better than doing nothing" type thing. Over the course of the last few months, though, it's not been helping me at all. Anyway, cut a long story short I found one, which is much more than I am used to and I cannot recommend proper Pilates enough. There should be no Downward-facing Dog in Pilates - that's my biggest tip. Anyone who gets a niggle in their joints, hips or more importantly their back - do it. Do it now!

✩ Bath time. I had my first soak in the tub for months the other night. I had some awful stomach cramps (you know what I mean girls...) and it really did the trick. I used to have this routine where I'd clean my entire flat on a Friday night (if I'd stay for a couple of beers after work then THAT would be entertaining) and get all of my washing done then, no matter what time of night it was by then, I'd have a long soak in the tub before putting on clean PJs and climbing under fresh covers on the bed. OH it was lush. It was my favourite time of the week. Wonderful.

Think that's me done for this week, and now I must get on with my Day. Tell me what's made your week Wonderful and let's spread the joy! 

See you next week! 😊

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