Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #13

*Sneaks a peak around the corner hoping no-one will notice how long she's been gone*

Hello to one and all!

I've been down in the dumps for far too long and have failed to see even the smallest glimmer of positivity to enable me to write a Wonderful Wednesday post for, oh, weeks now. This morning, I decided to snap out of it because, let's face it, there is SO MUCH to be positive about in the grand scheme of things. I mean, you only have to look at the news to see the struggle of so many - quite humbling, really. Or, it should be... *gives self a gentle slap on the wrist*

So without further hesitation, let's pretend the gap in my posts does not exist and I'll move on to telling you all about the Wonderful things of my week so far...

✰ Blossom on the trees... I know, I know, I'm a little late to this party. However, as I sit at my desk in my lickle office at work, I can now see pretty pink blossoms on 3 trees outside. Granted, I do have to lean forward a little to see them, but they are definitely there calling out to the world that spring is here, even if it is raining!

✰ Having a project. Now, I have far too many of these on the go at the moment, what with a mammoth job hunt in Cornwall as well as organising a hen party, my Mum's birthday and my own birthday, to name but a few... but there's something very satisfying about a real life, grown up project. I've started stripping the bathroom in my Mum's house ready for it to be overhauled. Now, this is a true 1970s bathroom - it's been the same ever since my parents moved in, in the late 1970s. No avocado suite, but a mint green one plus cork tiles on the 4 walls. Crikey o'reilly have you any idea how difficult it is to get cork tiles off of walls??!! I've done all kinds of damage to my already vulnerable shoulders but by goodness does it feel good to actually see what I'm achieving.

✰ Getting absorbed in a book. (Except for when you literally can't stop reading it even when you're supposed to be working!) I've just finished reading Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. No idea how I came about that one, actually. My lovely friend Catherine is always my go-to for advice on the best books to read and I tend to ask her for hot tips just before I go on holiday and things so that I can make sure my Kindle is fully stocked! My issue is that I don't really have a lot of time for the luxury of reading as I used to so holidays and other trips away tend to be key times. However, I started reading this one when I last flew to Exeter and once I got going, I found I couldn't stop! I was eating into work time and even sleep time before I got to the finish! Ah how I miss reading all the time!

✰ The Boy. I have to give credit to this realisation to our founding sister Sally who wrote about her Mr in today's #WonderfulWednesday post.  I agree COMPLETELY with her comments.  Had a slight misunderstanding of something he said to me over the weekend, when I thought for a moment he was putting a time limit on "us" if we were still living 250 miles apart by the end of the year, as I'm struggling to find a job down there... but turns out that wasn't it at all, just a "we'll have to think of some other way around it" type thing. Phew. My heart was in my mouth and tears weren't far away so it was a good little reminder - if one was even needed - of how much I can't bear to be without him (I'm never normally gushy... makes me feel icky normally, but hey, what is a #WonderfulWednesday if you can't be a little bit sickly?!)

✰ Things in Miniature Form. It was the international day of happiness on Monday and I marked it with a little photo of my new mini cafetiere that I bought over the weekend. It's my new favourite thing to have with breakfast in the mornings at work and has been making me happy since then.

And I think that's me done for this week! It feels nice to be back in the fold... do tell me what has been making your week wonderful this week?

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