Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #14

Merry Wonderful Wednesday to one and all!

2 weeks in a row... I'm clearly on a roll. Struggling today, but here's a selection of Wonderful things from my week!

✰ Spaghetti Hoops.  I've been trying to lose weight since New Year and haven't been doing too badly, as it goes. My saviour lately has been Heinz Spaghetti Hoops. Smothered on a jacket potato with some spinach and cherry tomatoes on the side - lovely! Reminds me of my childhood and feels a little bit naughty, but totally On Plan on my diet (or Lifestyle/Healthy Eating Plan as the brand probably wants to be known!)

✰ Cadbury Mini Eggs. Yep, slight diversion from the healthy, but since it's *nearly* Easter, these little chocolatey eggy treats are appearing on shelves near supermarket tills the world over (OK, maybe just in SE London where I tend to shop). I'll admit I've had a couple of bags so far, but only when I'm feeling virtuous and have the discipline to have just one or two little eggs at a time...

✰ Heat. After our little spell of warm weather (or was that my imagination?) it's felt slightly odd for it to be super chilly again. Especially in the mornings now that it's dark again (I'm up at 5.30am) and cold. I really do appreciate the heaters in my car, which I now know well enough will start warming my feet up (can't bear having the fans blowing in my face) within 5 minutes from leaving the house.

✰ Eurotunnel. It's such a simple concept, really - build a tunnel underground and put a train in it. No, wait, make it a BIG train that can hold cars so you don't even need to transfer from one vehicle to another when you cross the border. However, what an incredible feat of engineering? I took a daytrip to Le Touquet in France for my Mum's birthday at the weekend and it's just an hour up the road to the terminal at Folkestone, a bit of a wait like at an airport, then a 35 minute train ride (sitting in your car) and topped off with just an hour south down the coast and you're there. A real town in French France no less - not just the big supermarkets in Calais!

✰ Sandy Beach. Also experienced in France at the weekend, Le Touquet has a gorgeous beach which I imagine is absolutely packed in the summer. Still, it was very windy when we were there, but it was lovely and warm when it died down wandering across the cream sand, watching kites flying and kite-surfers, well, kite-surfing. I think Camber Sands is my nearest sandy beach, maybe an hour or an hour and a half from home. Might just as well go to France...

✰ Morning Mist. Yes, it may well signify the change in temperature and weather in the mornings, but there's something lovely about driving through the countryside and seeing little pockets of mist hovering over the rolling fields, with the sunshine creating a lovely 3D kind of feel to it.

✰ Sleep. Indeed.... I don't think anyone will argue with that. I do mean that sort of gorgeous weekend or night-before-a-day-off type sleep, where you've got no alarm set and you can just REST. These days I'm lucky to get 6 hours sleep during the week (see 5.30am start above), and when you're an 8-hours minimum type of girl, it really does hurt after a while. It can be fun sometimes waking up having had a weird and wonderful dream - last night I dreamt about guinea pigs, one of my favourite things, but one in particular was blue and I was inexplicably cruel to it, but I digress - but the sort of sleep that is quiet, deep and uninterrupted, is just sort of magical.

And I am done! I have my Tuesday night dinner in the oven now so I must dash... but do let me know what has made your week so far!! See you next week...


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