Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #15

Hello and merry Wednesday to one and all!

I'm typing this between mouthfuls of breakfast this morning, as I completely forgot about doing it last night until about 10:30pm and there was no way I was going to do it then. After having a 4-day weekend it felt very much like Sunday, not Tuesday. Thankfully, I'd been keeping track of the sparkles from my week so this morning it's easier than it might be...

Without further delay, on with the Wonderful!

✩ Eyebrow threading. One for the ladies, this.... There's something so satisfying about getting your eyebrows tidied up and waxing just doesn't cut it. Make-up sits so much better around an eye with a freshly-threaded eyebrow.  Up until this last week, I haven't had my eyebrows threaded for, oh, MONTHS. I can't find anywhere in my home town that offers eyebrow threading, so I'd had the odd tidy up with wax, but generally speaking I just left them alone and plucked them when they needed plucking. It's those little white downy hairs that you can't get from plucking - if you see one, all you have to do is turn your head to look for your tweezers and you simply can't flipping well see it again after that. Or that's my experience anyway.

✩ Ladybirds. I had one crawling along the windowsill of my office at the end of last week (does it count if it was last week?!) and I do think they are marvellous little creatures. So tidy and neat, with their wings all tucked up under those red and black spotty shell-like flaps of theirs.

✩ Mooching. Inspired by the ladybird, just mooching along my windowsill (where on earth did it end up anyway?!), made me think about mooching being a rather wonderful thing. Did that myself at the weekend and it is such a splendid pastime, no?!

✩ Making up and dressing up. The older I get, it seems I go out-out far less than I used to. I don't often have that many events with work or weddings, etc, nowadays, either.  However, at the weekend, I had the opportunity to get all dolled up for a wedding party (see later...) and it reminded me of how fun it is getting all made up for a shindig. Being complimented for it? Even better... 😏

✩ Family Weddings. (Especially when it's not your family but the other half's family.) The last family event I went to was a funeral, so it was great to have something happy to celebrate. The couple had got married quietly about 3 weeks before, with just 2 witnesses, but they threw a big party at their house with a marquee and a band. It was really good fun. PLUS, I got to see what some of the Boy's family are like when they're drunk... AND, I got some somewhat drunken compliments from some of them which I take as being 100% honest given their inebriated state, obvs.

✩ Long weekends. Last, but by no means least, it's the simple pleasure of a long weekend. a 4-day weekend in fact. Lie-ins to catch up on long-lost sleep, TV and coffee in bed with the Boy, visiting National Trust sites (Castle Drogo, near Exeter, to be precise - well worth a visit), aforementioned mooching and family weddings... simply Wonderful. A 3-day week at work this week, followed by 2 4-day weeks because of Easter, really can't complain at all!

And I'm just about done. Have to crack on with some work now... playing catch up from the days missed (the down-side to a Wonderful long-weekend...). Turrah for now!!

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  1. Compliment high fives! Sounds like you scrubbed up exceedingly well, not that you need a lot of scrub!
    I completely agree with the eyebrow threading shenanigans - I struggle to find somewhere as good as a place near my parents' house, so the tweezers have to do for now...that and a reeeeeally long fringe! C x