Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #16

Hello there you lovely lot! I think summer is over... our one day of glorious weather on Sunday may well be it for this year! Still, at least we had it and I got to spend it in the garden - with my suncream on, of course, now I'm praying to the sun Gods that it will be repeated this weekend!

Anyway, it's Tuesday night and it's late, so I'm going to speed-type my way through this - but that doesn't mean the wonderful is any less Wonderful!

✩ School holiday traffic. First-up this week is the absolute joy I get when the traffic is light on my journeys to and from work each day. I am stuck with an horrible commute by car into SE London every day as the train route is so convoluted (and expensive), but when the kiddliwinks are off school, the traffic is just so much better and I make it door to door in 1 hour 10 minutes - a record. Next week they go back to school, but that's next week and I will revel in this week's joy for as long as I have it!

✩ Summer in Spring. Yep, I've mentioned the glory of the wonderful weather we had on Sunday (That counts this week, right?!) but it went beyond just a lovely spring day, but full-blown summer!

Painted nails. When I had time in my life (see reference to God-awful commute, above), I would paint my toenails once a week and my fingernails every couple of days (I have yet to learn the trick to avoid them chipping). This habit has slipped somewhat, in that my toenails will remain the same colour for a good couple of weeks at a time and my fingernails - vulnerable to splitting and breaking down to the quick - will be plain and unpolished or with remains of a base coat I put on days before (*shudder*). However, this week I managed to give myself a mani-pedi (is that the right term?!) so am sporting a pretty salmon colour on my toes and a most inoffensive pale pink colour on my fingernails (the latter chipped already, but we'll brush over that for now).

💕 Birthdays! 💕 This one deserves it's own little fanfare and needs no further explanation for it is the most Wonderful thing of all to be made to feel so special by all your favourite people!! 😊

And I am done! I end up all reflective around my birthday, so I've been thinking more this week about needing to start looking after myself more and I've found it's been hard to look at the little things! Does anyone else get like that at times other than New Year? What about your week anyway - how Wonderful has your week been so far??

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  1. I painted my nails this morning - an aqua green just perfect for a long weekend and not at all suitable for work! Glad you had a wonderful birthday :) Hope you have a fantastic long weekend xx