Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #18

I'm so proud of myself this week. The bank holiday didn't catch me out! Here I am, on Tuesday evening, tapping out this Wonderful Wednesday post!

That's enough introduction from me, I shall give way to the real star of this show...!!

✩ Breakfast. I absolutely adore breakfast. During the week, I end up having the same old thing every day, but actually, after such an early start and a long commute, this week I've realised just how lovely that melon and Weetabix combo truly is (as well as coffee from my mini caffetiere which had a starring role in this post from a few weeks ago!). At the weekends, though, I do like to treat myself with something a bit more interesting... crumpets... scrambled eggs and smoked salmon... bacon and a healthy full English.... the possibilities are endless! What's your favourite breakfast?? Maybe I can take some inspiration from you lovely lot...

✩ Quiet time. Don't you think this comes at a premium these days? I certainly do. I noted this down at some point this week but now I can't remember where I was when I thought about it. Clearly, it was a very short period of quiet time!!  Anyway, it really is quite a wonderful thing to enjoy a bit of "me" time and quiet time... relaxing in a bath with plenty of bubbles and some lovely scented candles to light the room.  Mmm I need to make time for some more of that this week coming!

✩ Wildlife in the garden. Lately we've been visited by a fair bit of wildlife in our corner of the Kentish countryside (well, as much as you can get on the far edges of suburbia). It's so much lovelier than when I was in the middle of a town and all I was surrounded by, it seemed, were horrible old rats. Anyway, we had a big bushy-tailed fox that sadly didn't make it after sustaining a rather horrendous wound on its back. Then we had a baby woodpigeon that seemed to have fallen out of a tree, but it turned out it was all very normal behaviour of a pigeon learning to fly. This week, though, we've been joined by a very cute wild bunny-wabbit - probably taking control of the land now that Mr Fox has gone! On top of that, we've found ourselves the adoptive home of a racing pigeon. It's got that gorgeous turquoise-hue around its neck and is very stunning. Bit worried about him as he just wouldn't leave the garden. Reported him online and got the details of his owner - in Hull!!! Poor thing, no idea how he came to be here. Anyway, he's still standing on sentry-duty outside our back door, perched on our hose reel. I feel very sad for him, because I suspect he's poorly and isn't able to make the flight home, but let's think positive thoughts and all will be well!

✩ Bank holidays. Specifically, ones where I can spend the whole of the weekend with the Boy... Even if it did involve a lot of work in my Mum's garden, as we were together while doing it! That extra little day really does make a difference, and the May Day bank holiday is one of the best, because it's never long after Easter and 3 weeks later and we get yet another!

✩ Second wind. The last thing I found Wonderful this week was experiencing that second wind while I was at work this afternoon. Do you ever get that? I was so tired and found it difficult this morning to be productive and keep up my concentration, then suddenly at about 3pm, wham! I ended up staying an extra hour as I was well in the zone and I felt pretty amazing after leaving the office, knowing I'd got a few extra things ticked off my never-ending to-do list!

And as if by magic... well, hardly, but you know... I'm done for another week! Please please tell me what's made your week Wonderful, send inspiration my way so that I can be sure to always have some Wonderful to share!! Toodles....

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